About me

In my first Ironman I was knocked off my bike at mile 50, splitting my helmet in two and leaving me with two bleeding elbows and mild concussion.  I got back on my bike and kept racing.  Running from my bike to the change tent over the hot ground in T2 burned the skin off the soles of my feet.  I hobbled the entire marathon on my heels, which took over 8 ½ hours of excruciating agony.  Two days later I had to be taken through Heathrow in a wheelchair, with feet the size and shape of rugby balls.  BUT I FINISHED.

In my second Ironman, less than three months later, I came 12th overall, winning my age group by a comfortable margin and qualifying for the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

The above sums me up, whether you regard it as grit, determination and mental toughness or unconscionably stupid blinkered idiocy.  For anything else, read on…


I started triathlon in 2012, with little or no experience of the component sports.  Before that, I was quite good at rowing for a while.



Finished some races after a year out having hip operations and did not disgrace myself (!)


Monster Mojo (half IM distance race in the UK)               4:31 Overall winner

Ironman South Africa                                                             10:45  9th place overall


Ironman Kona (World Championship), Oct 2013                13:20

Ironman 70.3 Vegas (World Championship), Sep 2013      05:43

Ironman UK, Aug 2013                                                         11:18     AG winner, 12th overall

Race New Forest Boskman, Jun 2013                                06:47     3rd overall, fastest bike split

ITU Long Distance World Championship, June 2013          DNF       Bike mechanical

Ironman Texas, May 2013                                                    15:38     Bike crash, concussion…


“The Brutal” Half Iron Triathlon                                             10:27

Ironman 70.3 Galway                                                           05:44     6th in AG


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