Challenge Herning 2018 race report


Ed and I headed to Denmark to race

(We’ve been there before. It’s a wonderful place.)


The weather is hot and the racing is fast

Despite awesome swim gear, I’m onto land last


I jump on my bike and my power is so low

It’s hard to believe I’m not riding too slow


Near the end of the bike, I creep up into fifth

A glimmer of hope! A “maybe,” a “what if?”


Heading out on the run, I feel sick, faint and dead;

I repeatedly chuck water over my head.


It works, I speed up, and some others slow down

I finish in third after four laps through town!


This tale’s not quite over. I wouldn’t be here

Without the kind people who’ve helped me all year


So: thanks to the Homestretch for helping me train

And thank you to Steve for rebooting my brain


To Roka for giving me kit to #FindFaster

And Dan, who creates fiendish swim drills to master


The homestays who’ve helped us – you’re part of the team

and Ed, who supports me in living the dream


Thank you to you all for your kind words and thoughts

And for reading ridiculous racing reports!



Before the start



Making the best of a bad day. Thanks to James Mitchell for the fantastic shot



No words needed as I cross the line. Another big thank you to James Mitchell for capturing the moment!


resting puke face

Resting puke face after the finish. Nothing but never-ending glamour in pro triathlon



Podium girls! Congrats to Pernille and Laura on a classy first and second place, and having a significantly better champagne game than me



VERY EXCITED to be qualified for the Challenge Championship 2019

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